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Sponsor choir of the SWR vocal ensemble

Sponsorship sealed


In the 2014/15 season, the Neue Kammerchor Heidenheim (NKH) is the 4th sponsor choir of the SWR Vokalensembles Stuttgart. The official start of the collaboration was celebrated with a ceremony and concert.


The certificate, signed by the director of the SWR, Peter Boudgoust, chief conductor Marcus Creed and the chairman of the association, Birgit Kipfer, was presented by SWR representatives during the ceremony on September 27th, 2014 in the Congress Centrum Heidenheim.



Cornelia Bend, choir manager of the SWR Vokalensembles Stuttgart: "With this initiative we want to support the next generation and promote the highest vocal quality. With our new sponsored choir we have very good allies for new musical adventures."


Markus Ungar, deputy headmaster of the Schillergymnasium Heidenheim: "With the sponsorship of the SWR, the previous success story of the New Chamber Choir will be continued. The cooperation with the famous ensemble and the view over the Tellerrad has an enriching effect on professional decisions and the further path of life."


Julius Pfeifer, tenor of the SWR vocal ensemble: "As good sponsors, we would like to let you look behind the scenes and reveal a lot of things that normal concertgoers and radio listeners would never find out about our work."


Thomas Kammel, head of the NKH: "We want to get to know sophisticated literature and experience how professional singers master enormous artistic challenges with ease."


Choir Prize for the NKC


The ceremony was musically designed with a diverse spectrum of the repertoire of the godfather choir with works by Eric Whitacer, Ola Gjeilo, Franz Bieber, Pharrell Williams and the arrangement of the talented choir member Sören Gieseler from "Kein Schöner Land".

This piece brought another award to the chamber choir: During the ceremony, Christiane Dech, representing the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, presented the "Choir Prize for the German Language of the State of Baden-Württemberg". The 1st prize went to the choir of the Schiller Gymnasium Heidenheim, who took part in the Baden-Württemberg school choir days in Aalen this year with outstanding success.


SWR TV - Report by Katja Schalla from December 2021 about the New Chamber Choir Heidenheim...

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SWR 2  Rundfunk - Post from December 2021 about the New Chamber Choir Heidenheim...


Sound magic and vocal acrobatics:

The "New Chamber Choir Heidenheim" 

AS OF 12/9/2021, 7:01 PM


What drives young people to get up early every Saturday and go through hours of choir rehearsals? art! visited the "New Chamber Choir Heidenheim" and experienced how the music and singing together inspires and connects the young people.

New Chamber Choir Heidenheim: "It's just luck"


In 2005 the music teacher Thomas Kammel founded the New Chamber Choir at the Schiller-Gymnasium in Heidenheim – with high artistic standards and many rehearsals. Today, after 16 years, the choir has around 80 voices, more than thirty renowned international prizes and dozens of concerts and trips around the world every year. The "Neue Kammerchor Heidenheim" was the godfather choir of the SWR vocal ensemble and the Gaechinger Cantorey.

In addition to all these awards, there is one thing above all that inspires the young people: rehearsing and performing together, discovering a love of music - including early and sacred music. And friendships for life. All active and former singers meet again every Christmas in Heidenheim to sing and celebrate - if it's not Corona....

from the broadcast of

Thursday, December 9th, 2021 11:00 p.m., Kunscht!, SWR Fernsehen

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SWR 4 contribution by Maja Nötzel from
November 23, 2022 about the New Chamber Choir Heidenheim...

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